Writing Is

Writing is a gathering.
A gathering of thoughts that breathe life;
That live, that live on notebook pages and the pages of our hearts.

Writing is the overflow.
The overflow of everything that we are;
That exists, that exists in our present, past and future.

Writing is intentional.
An intentional act of being present in the moment;
That being, that being aware and alive – seeing, hearing, feeling, living.

Writing is growing.
Growing beyond oneself and into one’s thoughts;
That pondering, that pondering of our thoughts that are gathered.

Donnetta Norris June 23, 2020 #OpenWrite

4 responses to “Writing Is”

  1. I wish that I had a “Love” button for this! Your words really resonate!

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    1. Thank you Jennifer. I am pretty proud of this one.


  2. What a lovely and accurate poem! Writing is all those things. Thank goodness humans learned to write. Where would we be without it?!

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  3. Donnetta, there is so much to like about this poem–thank you for sharing it! I had to smile when I saw your tags because anaphora is one of the poetic devices I’m exploring this week.

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