Where I’m Going

I’m not sure where I’m going
For I have not been placed yet.

But wherever I’m going
I’m going FEARLESSLY; bravely with intention and purpose

I’m going with the hope
that all things work for my good

I’m going with the belief
that I can do anything I put my mind to

I’m going with the confidence
that I am competent and capable for all that comes my way

I’m not sure where I’m going
For I have not been placed yet.

But wherever I’m going
WORLD, WATCH OUT! Because, I’m going places.

Donnetta Norris January 17, 2021

Summertime Poem

I immediately thought of and began singing the song "Summertime" by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr0tTbTbmVA
So, I borrow a few phrases from the song as stated in quotations.

Summertime is the time to "sit back and unwind".
"School is out."
Teachers and students are free to enjoy the "summer madness."

Summertime is the time for barbecue grills and family reunions.
"New short sets."
"Water play" and hanging out in the park until dark.

Summertime is my new "definition of love and happiness."
I cannot wait to enjoy summertime.

Who Is Tired? Tired Is Me!

Tired’s feet hit the floor
As if wearing 20lb cinder blocks.
Lifting herself out of bed
Takes the strength of Goliaths.

Tired wants to wake up fresh,
Ready to take on the day.
But, she still feels
The heaviness of days gone by.

Tired puts on a smile
To present to those she meets.
No need to proclaim her status.
For she recognizes the kindred spirits in her presence.

Tired won’t set boundaries;
Won’t say NO to the have-tos and the must-dos.
She has to DO IT ALL,
Despite trudging toward exhaustion.

Tired is rigid
When considering her care.
Oh, how I wish she would give herself permission;
The grace to be flexible.

Dear Tired,
This is coming from the heart.
It is totally okay to NOT _____________ today.
You need and deserve rest.
A Kindred Spirit


This is a poem I originally wrote on April 6, 2020 for #Verselove.
I didn’t write a title for this poem in my notebook. What title would you give it?

I use a manual device
That makes communication so nice.
Keel over, I might
From composing all night.
But, my word choice has to be precise.

I scour the World Wide Web
Curious to what others have said.
Scroll through social media;
Consider Wikipedia.
But, careful to vet what I’ve read.

Thank you, Dr. Boutelier, for giving me permission to revisit a previously written poem.

Take / Taken

I take chances as a writer,
I would have never taken a year ago.

I take ideas and put them out into the world,
Hoping they won’t be taken out of context.

I take creativity seriously, in a playful sort of way.
Never should it be taken for granted.

I take chances with my writing.
Some risks are meant to be taken.


With everything going on in America, being an American, but feeling disconnected from what it means sometimes, I focused on “because everyone wants to feel like America sometimes” – https://youtu.be/P-cYjUCudbA

America ~ the keeper of the free world
America ~ the land of the free
America ~ the home of the brave
America ~ a melting pot…more like a relish dish
If I hate myself, it’s because it feels like America hates me.
Rita DiCarne

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