Donnetta Norris is a 2nd grade teacher in Arlington, TX. Her career in education began in 2009. She enjoys reading professional development books to improve her craft, children’s literature for read-alouds, and MG literature for pleasure. Building relationships and classroom culture with her Scholars brings her the most joy and is her WHY! She is passionate about, and committed to, refining her personal writing craft as a teacher-writer, as well as her writing instruction. She is a community leader and facilitates workshops with TeachWrite, LLC., and has been a guest blogger with Teach Better Team. She is a published poet in Teacher-Poets Writing to Bridge the Distance: An Oral History of COVID-19 in Poems by Dr. Sarah J. Donovan.

You can enjoy her writing on her blogs, TeacherReaderWriter and The Rogue Scholar, and her poetry here at Writing Is A Journey. Follow her on Twitter at @NorrisDonnetta.

My Writing is Journey!

I Am Totally Enjoying The Ride!



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