Why I Write

As soon as I read this prompt, I started searching through my notebook, because I thought I had already written about why I write. Apparently, I had not. However, what I did find was a piece I had written (prose) that answered the question, “What Is The Story Only You Can Tell?” I instantly realizedContinue reading “Why I Write”

My Daughter’s Eyes

My daughter’s eyes are blossoming expectations where hope grips reality where all things are possible with uncertainties where the fulfillment of academia is the holder of things to come. My daughter’s eyes are refractive mirrors of past encounters that strengthen her resolve to “make it” after all. I approach them and on the threshold ofContinue reading “My Daughter’s Eyes”

Dear Writer,

A moment in time to be present and centered in a space made for delving into written expression. Finding the right words that glean a semblance of meaning. Hoping to convey inspiration joy kinship. Looking to write something meaningful and not frivolous. Often being open to simply getting words, any words, on the page. QuestingContinue reading “Dear Writer,”


TEACHING LITTLE WRITERS Teaching little writers to focus ON a SEED NO writing about everything ONE small moment IS all you NEED Teaching little writers who STARE AT the page They have SO few experiences AT this particular age Writing can be difficult; for many IT’S a STRAIN TO remember all the details Most ofContinue reading “TEACHING LITTLE WRITERS”

A Golden Shovel using a line from Nikki Giovanni’s poem, But Some of Us Stayed, published in “Make Me Rain” (2020)

Striking Line: “when we find that song that gives us strength to go on” Where did the time go when Little Fingers and Little Toes would say, “we need you to help us find our way” – until the day that they don’t. Then, they compose their own song and beat their own drum toContinue reading “A Golden Shovel using a line from Nikki Giovanni’s poem, But Some of Us Stayed, published in “Make Me Rain” (2020)”

A Teacher-Writer Villanelle

Teachers who write tend to be best at teaching young writers to compose. It is never about a test. From experience, she can attest to the struggles be it verse or prose. Authentically she can suggest. On the page, her students express themselves according to words they chose. It is never about a test. TeachersContinue reading “A Teacher-Writer Villanelle”

Practioner Inquiry and Reflection

Where did we come from? We came from a place of questioning. Our practice… Are we doing what’s best for kids? Our effort… Are we giving our all for every Scholar? Our impact… Are our methods making a difference? Our purpose… Are we living up to our WHY? ___________________________________ Where are we going? We areContinue reading “Practioner Inquiry and Reflection”

Summer Break So Far

My Thought What have I done? What have I gotten myself into? My days should be footloose and fancy free. Rest and relaxation should be my companions. My Reality Hours are being spent. Work is being done. Different than the norm, but Work all the same. Books are stacked to be read. Calendars are filledContinue reading “Summer Break So Far”

Two Dodoitsu Poems – a Japanese Poetic Form

i love the boys in my house they keep me on all my toes one will not keep his room clean one makes me play fetch ____________________________________________________________________ summer break is upon me time to rest and have some fun no alarms no schedules but PD courses https://www.writersdigest.com/write-better-poetry/dodoitsu-poetic-forms

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