Calm: A Golden Shovel

WHEN I reflect on 2021,
I have to give myself grace for what I may not have
BECOME, and I have to assign value to every accomplishment.
CALM my anxious heart, O Lord, and help me focus
ON the good, the blessings, the victories, 
THE growth and the love from this past year; help me to release jumbled mess
INSIDE in order to embrace the forthcoming joy,
THE peace that is to be in my
WORLD. I give myself permission to accept what
BECOMES of me with each hopeful step as I remain
CALM in my heart and mind and as I focus
ON the good, the blessings, the victories,
THE growth and the love that is to be shared
OUTSIDE of me.

This Golden Shovel is inspired by "Mindful World" by Georgia Heard from her book titled, My Thoughts Are Clouds: Poems for Mindfulness.

6 responses to “Calm: A Golden Shovel”

  1. Happy New Year! How wonderful to see you here in Poetry Friday. I love that line, “I give myself permission…” I so enjoy how the golden shovel form allows us to have conversations in poetry. Your strike line is from one of the best!

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  2. Your prayer-like poem touched my heart. Blessings to you, Donnetta!

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  3. What amazing thoughts and wishes for the new year in this poem. It really touched me, as I continue to see what I have not accomplished but try to do better. Thank you for this lovely and forgiving poem!

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  4. Your prayer poem captures my year perfectly. Reading it gives me such a sense of peace. Thank you!

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  5. This is lovely–I just read Georgia’s beautiful collection a few months ago, and I love this extension of one of her poems. Thank you.

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  6. What a beautiful prayer for grace. Happy New Year!

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