Summer Break So Far

My Thought

What have I done?
What have I gotten myself into?
My days should be footloose and fancy free.
Rest and relaxation should be my companions.

My Reality

Hours are being spent.
Work is being done.
Different than the norm, but
Work all the same.

Books are stacked to be read.
Calendars are filled with obligations.
A myriad of project commitments;
I might need more summer.

My Solution

Resting when I need to rest.
Reading when I want to read.
Working to meet the deadlines.
And...practicing how to say NO.

Published by Donnetta Norris

| Christian | Wife | Mom | Teacher | Writer | Donnetta Norris is a 2nd grade teacher in Arlington, TX. She has been an educator for the last 12 years. She enjoys reading professional, children’s, and MG literature. Being in the classroom with her Scholars brings her the most joy, and she is passionate about, and committed to, improving her writing craft as a teacher-writer. She is a community leader and facilitates workshops with TeachWrite, LLC.

6 thoughts on “Summer Break So Far

  1. Hi Donnetta! I’m hoping I’m commenting in the right place! I can so relate to your poem. I’m a sixth-grade teacher and senior team lead (literacy coach). I spent the first week of vacation at “June Leadership Week.” This week I had to do a couple more PD sessions, and finish an asynchronous course, and renew my teacher license. Like you, I’m trying to squeeze in time to sleep and read. Hopefully, I will figure out the NO thing before I retire! I hope you get some time to read and enjoy your boys.

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  2. Practicing how to say no is a good one! I tried that this year when I needed it but I still need to work on that. I wrote a poem with a similar theme except it was about me feeling bad about wasting so much time. lol. Balance is key. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I can relate to this! And summer will be over so quickly! Ours started late because the school year started late – but next year will start on time! Ruth,

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  4. Taking care of yourself is the priority and you showed the reality of being overwhelmed in your poem so well. “I might need more summer” made me both smile and connect, too.

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