Feng Shui

Writing Toward Home by Georgia Heard “…a place steeped in creative energy and harmony.” “Feng Shui is intertwined with the Chinese idea of ch’i or ‘life force’.”

There are primarily 3 places, spaces in and around my home that I find have the balance and harmony required for my getting words on the page.

1. My home office with its grayish-green walls, towering bookcases, and random (not-so-random) clutter.

2. The right side, the right cushion of “my” oversized couch. My pillow, borrowed from the downstairs guest room, and my silk blanket lay in that space when I am not there. They are a constant reminder of the coziness and comfiness I experience when I plant my butt in that space to write. (Naps may or may not happen on occasion on “my” couch, also.)

3. There are times, when Texas is not located directly next to the sun, in which I will spend some time on my back patio, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature while I write.

Maybe, once Coronavirus is no longer a thing (if ever), I can add more places and spaces of balance and harmony to this list.


7 responses to “Feng Shui”

  1. I love the precision of your second favorite place, the right side, the right cushion…pillow…silk blanket. You’ve sold me on this nook, as well! I like trying out different writing places…sometimes the simple act of moving my body to a new location helps me ‘wake up’ mentally, and write. I am not familiar with the book by Georgia Heard – great title! I must check this out. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I feel zen reading your descriptions of your writing spots. I chuckled a little reading “There are times, when Texas is not located directly next to the sun…” I’m up here in Idaho wrapped in a furry blanket and am wearing a sweater on a rainy, chili Tuesday.

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  3. I also enjoyed the precision of your couch cushion oasis. As I sit on my own couch I realize I had a tendency to sit on the right side of the middle cushion. Now all I need is a luxurious silk blanket! Thank you for the book recommendation, I added it to my GoodReads list!

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  4. Having those special places is so important! Thank you for sharing.


  5. I have also cultivated places in my home where my mind and body know that this is the location where we write. I love your descriptions. I was going to say that I sometimes have a hard time writing outside, but I’ve noticed that when I have certain locations to write I am also training my brain to concentrate and now I can tell myself it’s time to write regardless of where I am. Have you had that experience? Thanks for sharing and for allowing me to reflect.

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  6. Having three serene places in your life sounds wonderful. Right now, I kind of have one. I could use a couple of more!

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